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Speaker Evening: ‘Streetwise’ – Mark Keohane @ Cowdray Hall
Feb 13 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Speaker Evening: 'Streetwise' - Mark Keohane @ Cowdray Hall


While the photography interest has always been there – Mark Keohane bought his first SLR in 1981 (and still has it and uses it) – it wasn’t until 2011 that Mark started to get serious and hooked on the habit of buying more and more equipment and getting out of bed ridiculously early on a Sunday morning to go and shoot stuff.

Mark spent some time working in London and it was here that his interest in street photography took root. Without making a conscious decision to ‘do street photography’ he started carrying a camera with him on his half-hour walk between Waterloo and the office and taking pictures as he went. Shooting initially with an expanding selection of digital equipment he eventually dug his original Pentax ME Super out from under the bed, where it had been resting for about 25 years, blew the dust off it, had it serviced, bought a new lens, replaced the batteries, loaded a roll of HP5 and pressed it back into use, thus revitalising his relationship with 35mm film.

The ME Super accompanied Mark last year, along with two eBay Nikon F3s and a big box of film, on a 5,000-mile street photography expedition around the largely empty Australian outback.

Mark will talk about his experiences with street photography and, hopefully, share some interesting insight into this genre.

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Speaker Evening: Beata Moore @ Cowdray Hall
Mar 13 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Speaker Evening: Beata Moore @ Cowdray Hall | Easebourne | England | United Kingdom

Beata Moore

“Seeing and Evolving”

Beata Moore will share her photographic journey and explain her need for artistic freedom of exploring diverse subjects. She will talk about the need of seeing and evolving as a photographer. Beata will also reveal some secrets of publishing world and stock photography business. Most importantly, she will communicate her love for the environment and passion for photography as a medium. The talk will be illustrated with images from her travels to Portugal, Iceland, Italy as well as various locations in the UK.

Beata Moore is a professional photographer and author. Her work is diverse, from wider views to smaller details and abstract images, both in colour and black & white. She attained a postgraduate degree in botany and her photographs show a strong affinity towards the woodlands and the sea, but also a fascination with human ingenuity in creating architectural masterpieces. Beata is particularly drawn to the subtleties of smaller details of landscape and architecture providing her with endless patterns, shapes, textures and colours.Beata travels widely on both personal and commissioned projects and she has written seven books and a number of articles. Her photographs have been published in numerous magazines and books and her work has been exhibited at galleries across the UK. Beata lives in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.

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Speaker Evening: Fotospeed @ Cowdray Hall
Apr 10 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Speaker Evening: Fotospeed @ Cowdray Hall | Easebourne | England | United Kingdom

Vince Cater – Fotospeed

“An Ideal Print Workflow”

For the first section Vince will be covering the importance of print workflow touching on the importance of profiling, calibration and monitors.

For the second half he will discuss the differences between printers, ink types and then talk about picking the right paper for the right image.

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Speaker Evening: Ken Scott @ Cowdray Hall
May 8 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Speaker Evening: Ken Scott @ Cowdray Hall | Easebourne | England | United Kingdom

Ken Scott

“Walking the Coasts of Britain”

Ken Scott is a photographer, judge, adventurer and a few other things. In February 2017 he set off from home in West Sussex to attempt to walk around the British coast.

He was plagued by a recurring shin splints injury and had to sit out three enforced recovery breaks. Nonetheless, he completed a round of nearly 3000kms in 107 days over several stints – from Shoreham-by-Sea to Plymouth, from Minehead to the Severn Crossing and around Wales to Caernarfon, from Wirral to the Solway in Cumbria and from Berwick-upon-Tweed back to Shoreham – on 16th October.

Unfortunately, he was no able to accomplish his original aim to walk around Britain in one journey, but was hugely satisfied with what he achieved. He remained largely true to his Principles of Adventure, and raised so far over £2500 for the charity.

This talk is photographic record of his journey.

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Speaker Evening: “Developing Personal Vision and Visual Style” – Benjamin Graham @ Cowdray Hall
Sep 18 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Speaker Evening: "Developing Personal Vision and Visual Style" - Benjamin Graham @ Cowdray Hall | Easebourne | England | United Kingdom
Ticket for Benjamin Graham7.00 GBPSpeaker Evening: Benjamin Graham - 18th September, 2019
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“Developing Personal Vision and Visual Style”

A fully illustrated presentation in two parts (of approximately thirty-five to forty-five minutes each) covering a number of topics, including:

  • ​Personal Vision – What? Where? How?
  • Imagination/representation – Right Brain/Left Brain Conundrums
  • Composition with Tone, Texture, Line and Shape
  • 2-Dimensional Interpretations of 3-Dimensional Scenes
  • Rule Compliance & Defiance
  • Masters of the Art – Examples from some of The Greats
  • Developing Personal Vision with Visual Style
  • Dedication, Passion & Inspiration
  • Creativity, Interpretation & Experimentation
  • Personal Projects
  • Epiphany Moments
  • Finding your Place

Benjamin Graham is an internationally published freelance photographer, college photography tutor and occasional filmmaker based in the south of England, who seems to spend most of his life on the road and on location in a campervan…

He has been creatively motivated by photography for over forty years, but his interest became obsessive around 2010. He began practising semi-professionally in 2014 and his body of commissioned and published material has gradually evolved since then.

In October of 2017 he was honoured beyond words to be named the UK Landscape Photographer of the Year, winning first prize in the ‘Take a View’ LPOTY competition – so it seems only appropriate that you should all now refer to him as: El Poty.

In addition to LPOTY 2017, he was a category finalist in OPOTY 2017 (the outdoor photographer of the year competition); eight of his images, across three categories, were shortlisted for OPOTY 2016; and he was an OPOTY 2015 finalist. With his series ‘Artists in Residences’ he was in the initial shortlist stage of the 2013 Taylor Wessing National Portrait Gallery competition.

Benjamin is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of Great Britain’s coast, countryside and architecture through his photography, examples of which regularly appear in major newspapers, magazines and online editorial galleries. The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Observer, The Mail, The Express and The Mirror all feature his work and he has had images published in numerous countries, including the US, Italy, France, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Russia, Australia and China.

His work is represented nationally and internationally by Barcroft Media and Getty images.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with students and aficionados of photography and regularly gives illustrated presentations to photographic societies, schools and colleges. He hosts workshop tours in beautiful regions of the UK and has residential creative photography courses running throughout the academic year at West Dean College, near Chichester.

For those interested in advancing their photography technique through personal mentoring, Benjamin offers one-to-one and small group tuition. He also teaches post-production image refinement and interpretation methods using Adobe software.

Please get in touch through his website:

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Speaker Evening: “A Photographer’s Perspective: My Life Through a Lens ” – Viveca Koh FRPS @ Cowdray Hall
Oct 16 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Speaker Evening: "A Photographer’s Perspective: My Life Through a Lens " - Viveca Koh FRPS @ Cowdray Hall | Easebourne | England | United Kingdom
Ticket for Viveca Koh7.00 GBPSpeaker Evening: Viveca Koh: 16th October 2019
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“A Photographer’s Perspective: My Life Through a Lens “

Viveca’s third lecture follows on from her first two – ‘Urban Exploration to Fine Art: A Photographic Journey’ and ‘iPhoneography to Fellowship: My Continuing Journey’. In this talk she will discuss the various photographic techniques that she has been experimenting with, continuing to develop her work and the way that she sees things.

She will be showing monochrome photographs shot in locations in Venice and the UK, a portrait commission from Tim Andrews (involving a man with Parkinson’s Disease who has been photographed during the last eight years by 370 different photographers), and experimentations with a Holga 120 film camera. Viveca will be sharing some new iPhone images, a method of photographic capture that she still greatly enjoys and uses regularly, and of course there will be images featuring the texture overlays that she loves to work with, including a series of vintage postcards.

There will also be a series of colour photos processed in an ‘analogue’ style to replicate shots taken with an old camera, composites capturing the essence of a rainy day in London, and a set of pictures entitled ‘Treasures of the Chateau’, based on beautiful objects discovered in France.
With this talk Viveca is aiming to demonstrate the new directions in which she is heading, as well as showing more of the style of work that is familiar to viewers of her previous presentations.

About Viveca Koh FRPS

Viveca is a self-taught Fine Art photographer who sees potential images everywhere around her, often things that many seem to miss or simply pass by. Abandoned buildings are a passion of hers, as are the details of places that attract her eye, the minutiae that collects in hidden corners, the small parts of bigger things that are fascinating in their own right. She enhances many of her photographs with texture layers and overlays, experimenting with digital double exposure, using old documents that she has collected to add a different dimension to the work in question.

Following on from her previous distinctions LRPS and ARPS she attained Fellowship of The Royal Photographic Society in 2014. She is a member of the RPS Visual Art Group and Digital Imaging Group, and Honorary Secretary of the former.

She has exhibited in a number of venues, and all her photographs are sold via her website as signed numbered Limited Edition Giclée Fine Art prints.

Testimonials on this presentation and her work in general.

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