Speaker Evening: “From Focal Length to Farmageddon” – Philip Lymbery


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm


Cowdray Hall
Parkway, Easebourne, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 0AW

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This is the story of how long journeys to remote parts of Brazil and Sumatra led naturalist and author, Philip Lymbery, to discover a whole new world of expression and reflection: through his camera. Running with indigenous tribes in the Amazon, sleeping rough in the territory of Asian tigers, and a near-death experience with a mysterious falling tree; these are just some of the experiences that bonded this writer with the previously foreign medium of film. Well, digital RAW files to be precise. From there, a simple kit lens turned into lots of kit; and the simple pleasure of a straightforward photo was no longer enough. Lymbery found himself on a treadmill, searching for that ‘perfect’ picture. Now, assignments abroad and holidays to islands like Lundy, Mull or Scilly, or crack-of-dawn walks around the home farm in West Sussex, are punctuated with pictures. All with an eye for something just a little bit different. ‘Field guide’ shots of wildlife no longer cut it. Instead, this enthusiast is looking to capture in his subject that spark of individuality. Through a personal selection of favourite images, Lymbery will unpack why words alone are now no longer enough in his quest to bring out character and personality through his photography.


Animal advocate, naturalist and author, Philip Lymbery is CEO of leading international animal welfare environmental organisation, Compassion in World Farming. He is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Winchester. He lives on a farm in Rogate, West Sussex. His books include Farmageddon: The true cost of cheap meat (Bloomsbury, 2014), Farmageddon in Pictures (Bloomsbury, 2017) and Dead Zone: Where the wild things were (Bloomsbury, 2017).


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