Guidelines for Entries


Part of the club’s programme includes competition evenings for those who wish to enter, although only paid up members are eligible.

All entries remain anonymous and are judged by an invited judge, i.e. not a member of the club.

Please familiarise yourself with the subjects for each competition and the competition rules if you are going to enter competitions.

Photographs can be home or commercially printed as long as all the images are your own work and you hold the copyright. PRC in Liphook is a possible place to go for commercial printing. There are also online companies to which you can upload images, such as DSCL Colour Labs – they are very competitively priced and their turnround time is a couple of days.

An entry form is required for EVERY competition – without an entry form you may not be eligible to enter the competition; these forms are available on the website for downloading and printing.  However, it is preferable for all entries to be made via the website.  The Competitions Secretaries downloads all the entries forms from the website and points are recorded against the entries.  If you haven’t completed an entry form, then this makes extra work for the Competitions Secretaries and may also result in your entry not being included.

There are two different types of categories – Prints and PDIs (Projected Digital Images).


All images in the print league must be mounted on mount card/board not exceeding 50cm x 40cm, either by cutting out mounts or by fixing the prints using mount spray.

The size of the prints submitted for competitions is at the photographer’s discretion with a minimum size of 6” x 4” and to a maximum that will fit on the mount board.

Mount board can be purchased from Midhurst Gallery, one of our sponsors. Do be aware that there are different grades/prices of board! Some places sell precut mounts and there are suppliers who the Club can buy from in bulk.

Len Clarke Memorial Trophy (Panel competition)

This competition is all about submitting a set of photographs that work together as a panel and they must all relate to each other.

You can submit up to 6 images which can either all be presented on one mount (with no mount size restriction) or they can be individually mounted (mounts no bigger than 50cm x 40cm each).  As the LCMT is not a league competition, individual prints can be submitted to subsequent competitions as “new” entries.

Projected Digital Images

During our club events the Projected Digital Images will be projected from a Windows based laptop using our own proprietary software.

We will project in sRGB and you are advised to convert from any other colour space. (Go to Edit, Colour settings, Workspace)

Mode must be RGB Colour or Grayscale, 8 bits only. (Go to Image, Mode)

Image size must be a maximum of 1400 pixels horizontal, maximum 1050 pixels vertical. (Not 1400 vertical please). Please Note – 1400 x 1050 is the native resolution of our projector so these dimensions will give optimum viewing.

If your images are smaller than these dimensions they will be displayed a little smaller on the screen. Do not add “white space” to make your image up to 1400x1050px.

The DPI (dots per inch) used makes no difference, However 72dpi makes for a smaller file.

Images must not contain layers and must be completely ‘flattened’ prior to submission.


We might not always agree with judges’ comments and we are free to discuss this on a one-to-one with the judge at the end of the meeting. The judges’ decisions are purely subjective and are final, whether or not we agree with them. You might also find that what one judge likes, another might not.

The most important thing to remember is that we take and submit our chosen photographs because we like them. A judge is merely there to advise on what they think and share their experience and knowledge.

These competitions give us the opportunity to share our work with the other members and learn from the comments given, allowing us to improve our photography in the process.

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