Competition Rules


The Season has 3 internal club competition categories –

  • The Print League
  • The Projected Digital Image (PDI) League, and
  • The Len Clarke Memorial Trophy – a Panel competition (this does not count towards the Print League)

In all the competitions, work is judged anonymously and on an equal basis within the two classes for each competition category;  these are – Club and Advanced.  Members may not necessarily be in the same class for both PDI and Print competitions.

We encourage everyone to take part in the competitions, although only paid up members are eligible to enter. There are no separate entry fees for competitions.

Other than “The Len Clarke Memorial Trophy” competition, up to 3 entries can be submitted for each competition.

Each print must show the title and entrant’s name on the back (preferably in the bottom right hand corner and large enough to be read in the low light) . Each digital image must be named : Title#Name, i.e. John Brown#London Bridge

Print entries must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the competition and should be submitted by handing the images to the Competition Secretary (Print) at a club event.

PDI entries must be submitted by the end of the Sunday before the competition and should be submitted using the upload form on the website.

All entries must be registered for the competition either via the online form, or by being submitted with a completed paper entry form. Forms are available on the night or can be downloaded from here.

Prints must be mounted by the entrant, although they may be trade processed;  all must have been taken by the entrant. Where digital manipulation has been used, all images must be the sole work of the entrant who must hold the copyright of all images used.

Image Specifications

Print League Competitions and Ladies’ and Gentleman’s Trophies

The maximum mount size to be submitted is 50cm x 40cm. The minimum photo size is 6 x 4 inches. Multi prints are allowed, but only as 1 entry on 1 mounting board.

Len Clarke Memorial Trophy

This is a panel competition of up to 6 images on a related theme. If the images are individually mounted then they must meet the same entry specification as the print league. If they are multi-mounted on the same mount board then there is no restriction on the maximum mount size.

PDI League Competitions

Image size maximum 1400 pixels horizontal and 1050 pixels vertical (note: NOT 1400 vertical!).

Images must not contain layers, and must be completely ‘flattened’ prior to submission. Images should be sized at 72dpi and use the sRGB colour space.

Files must be jpeg format and named in the following way: title#name.file type – i.e. John Brown#London Bridge

Scoring and Prizes

The competitions that qualify for league points are identified in the programme. Each entry scores points towards the overall league table.

The judge will award all entries points out of 20 and select 1st, 2nd, 3rd. All new work gets an extra 3 points.

The overall league winner will be the member with the highest total of points after all the rounds. In the event of a tie, the award goes to the entrant with the greatest number of 1st places. League tables are available in the Members Area of this website.

The “Rotherhill Cup” and the “Beaton Cup” rounds are also part of the league. However the Ladies and Gentlemen’s Trophy evening is not part of the league and is not divided into classes.

There is also a trophy for the Image of the Year.  This is selected from the prints and PDI images which have won a league round during the season and is judged at the Annual Photographic Exhibition.

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