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Competition: PDI – Round 3 – “ICM” – Judge: Ken Woods

Wednesday 25/04/2018


“Zoom” by Ann Wright
Winner Club Class

“Beech in Winter” by Guy Turner
Winner Advanced Class


Congratulations to the winners of last night’s PDI Competition (Round 3 – “ICM”). Our last PDI Competition of the season.

An unusual competition theme for MCC (ICM – Intentional Camera Movement). Artistic genres such as ICM do not lend themselves easily to camera club competitions. In my mind each image is the artist’s own vision so comparisons are a bit pointless. For this reason the Judge relied heavily on matching the titles with the content, artistic imagination, as well as photographic composition. Well done Ken Woods!

The results were:

“Club Class”
1st – “Zoom” by Ann Wright
2nd – “Lady of Battersea” by Mike Hughes
3rd – “Way Through the Woods” by Sue Garrard

Ann Wright (left) – Winner Club Class with Judge: Ken Woods.


“Advanced Class”
1st – “Beech in Winter” by Guy Turner
2nd – “Down the Avenue” by Patrick Balfour
3rd – “Bluebell Woods” by Judi Lion

Guy Turner (left) – Winner Advanced Class with Judge: Ken Woods.

Our next competition is a Print competition (Round 4) – The John Harrison Cup – “Flora and Fauna”. This will be held on Wednesday, 9th May. The Judge will be Martin Pickles.

Our PDI League winner will be announced at the Annual Dinner in June.


Article and Photographs by Richard Corkrey – 26/04/2018




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Speaker Night – Linda Wevill FRPS

Wednesday 11/04/2018


My Fellowship and Beyond


Last night was our last speaker night of the season. We were very honoured to have as our guest speaker Linda Wevill FRPS who gave a very interesting talk on her photographic journey starting with gaining her Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society in 2008, through gaining her Fellowship in 2013, and right up to date.

Linda has been passionate about photography for many years. She moved to Devon about 20 years ago and is able to combine this passion with the beautiful surroundings that she finds herself in. Linda especially enjoys experimenting with shutter speeds which enable her to capture the movement of the sea and the atmosphere of the landscape. She also enjoys experimenting with texture layers in Photoshop in order to create the ambiance she is trying to achieve. Although her main photographic interest is the landscape, she also enjoys capturing a diverse range of images, from still life to travel photography.

As an aid to her talk Linda brought along her Fellowship panel, plus a selection of her prints from various projects. Linda is a very talented and experienced photographer and she explained to the audience how she obtained the different effects in her photographs.

A fine selection of Linda’s prints.

Linda gained her ARPS in 2008 and her DPGAB soon after. The processes for gaining these two different distinctions is different. Linda demonstrated these differences and how she went about achieving these awards.

For her Fellowship of the RPS, which she gained in 2013, Linda submitted 20 textured prints. The original prints were on display but she talked us through each one in her screen presentation. Linda does a lot of work with textures and is very knowledgeable on the subject. I know many people in the Club will found this useful.

Linda then went on to talk about the many projects she has been involved with since. As well as showing us the many images she has taken for these projects she was again able to explain the processes employed, and why she employed them. Again she had another selection of prints for us to see in detail.

A very successful evening which the members enjoyed immensely. I hope that Linda Wevill will return to us soon.

Linda is currently displaying her prints together with Photographers: Valda Bailey, Doug Chinnery, Cheryl Hamer, Marianthi Lainas, Astrid McGechan, Beata Moore, Paul Sanders, and Rachael Talibart at Vision 9 which is taking place takes place at Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, SE1 9PH from April 11th – 15th 2018. Entry is free. Opening times are: 11am – 6pm.

In May 2013, Linda was awarded her Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in the Visual Art category. In May 2014 Linda gained her EFIAP Bronze distinction (Excellence of the International Federation of Photographic Art).

Linda has had work published and has exhibited widely. She currently is part of the Landscape Collective (UK) exhibition at RUH Bath.

Linda has been Commended in the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2013 and her print was in the Exhibition at the National Theatre, after which it was shown around the country, as well as being published in the Take a View Awards book. Her image was also selected by Camden Graphics for their Take-a-View range of greetings cards sold for Christmas 2015 and 2016.

She has gained awards and medals in international salons and had images exhibited in many different countries around the world. Linda is delighted to have started judging at the national/international level, including the Irish National Shield November 2016, the South Devon International Salon July 2017 and the RPS Visual Art Group Exhibition October 2017.

Linda is an active member of the Royal Photographic Society and is on the SW Region Committee, as well as organising the SW Region Visual Art Group. Linda gives presentations of her work to camera clubs and has run creative photography workshops.

Linda is a member of the Landscape Collective (UK), which is a small group of landscape photographers who meet every two months to show printed work and discuss landscape photography.


Article and Photographs by Richard Corkrey – 12/04/2018

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Richard  Corkrey now ARPS

Monday 03/04/2018

Our Webmaster and Practical Evenings Coordinator, Richard Corkrey has recently achieved Associate status with The Royal Photographic Society, a wonderful and deserved recognition of his photographic talent. He is now Richard Corkrey ARPS. In common with most members when Richard first joined Midhurst Camera Club he had no photographic qualifications at all. Taking his cue from experienced members he entered Club competitions and learned to improve his art. Achieving success he joined the Royal Photographic Society and started to work for his Licentiateship (LRPS) which he gained in November 2015. It just shows what can be achieved. For the Associate distinction the RPS states that it is for “images of exceptional standard and a written Statement of Intent (what you hoped to achieve). This is a significant step up from the LRPS. At this stage creative ability and personal style (what makes your work unique to you), along with complete control of the technical aspects of photography must be evident.”

Those of us who have witnessed so many of Richards’s images in Club competitions will not be surprised to learn that he chose a theme of “Woodland” interpreted in Black and White. The “Fine Art” category of ARPS is not the most easiest route to the distinction but Richard managed it with a resubmission. Not only that but he has been asked to contribute his panel to the “Distinctions” Album of the RPS website which can be viewed here. The RPS choose only a small number of panels from each assessment to inspire and help those who wish to apply. Richard’s work has inspired many at the club and long may it do so. Below you can see the hanging plan for his images (click on image to enlarge it). If you wish to see larger copies of the original images click here to go to Richard’s website. Richard would like to form a Club Focus Group to help members gain a distinction. Well done Richard.


Richard Corkrey – ARPS Hanging Plan


Article by Elke Epp LRPS – 03/04/2018




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Competition: Print – Round 3 – “Open” – Judge: Jon Mitchell

Wednesday 28/03/2018



“Mountain Stream” by Mike Hughes
Winner –  Club Class 

“Morning Light” by Richard Corkrey
Winner – Advanced Class


Congratulations to the winners of last Wednesday’s Print Competition (Round 3 – “Open”). The Judge was  Jon Mitchell. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there as I was in Wales. Excellent images all round from what I have since seen, and another good result for Mike Hughes! He really is having a good season. Well done everyone.

The results were:

“Club Class”
1st – “Mountain Stream” by Mike Hughes
2nd – “Desert Sunset” by David Garrard
3rd – “The Secret Den At Bignor” by Chris Chapman

“Advanced Class”
1st – “Morning Light” by Richard Corkrey
2nd – “Shipwrecks on the Isle of Mull ” by Clive Blott
3rd – “Pencils” by Hilly Hoar
Judge: Jon Mitchell


Mike Hughes (left) with his winning image “Mountain Stream”. Shown here being congratulated by Judge Jon Mitchell.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) I was not available for a photograph as I was still in Wales.

Our next competition is a PDI competition (Round 3) – “Intentional Camera Movement”. This will be held on Wednesday, 25th April. The Judge will be Ken Woods.

Article by Richard Corkrey. Photographs by Tony Jones – 01/04/2018




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Speaker Night – Rachael Talibart

Wednesday 14/03/2018


Tides and Tempests


It’s been a couple of years now since Rachael Talibart last gave a talk at MCC. I remember at the time how many members were openly saying how inspired they all felt by her dramatic seascapes, myself included. I was therefore, very pleased to see that she had been booked to speak again at Midhurst Camera Club.

Rachael, a former London solicitor, is now a top, fine art, coastal photographer. She specialises in dramatic seascapes with equally dramatic titles. Her work has been featured in many of the major photographic publications and she has just been named Black and White Photographer of the Year 2018.

Rachael Talibart (2nd left) selling books and chatting to members.

“Find somewhere local that you love and photograph it over and over again” was Rachael’s advice. “It’s never the same because it changes with different light conditions and seasons” she said. She went on to explain that her favourite place was Birling Gap in East Sussex. Rachael then produced a series of images taken with different lenses under different conditions to underline the main point. Most of the photographs that were displayed were centred around The coastline of East and West Sussex.

“It is better to take a rare photograph of something common than a common photograph of something rare” is Rachael’s mantra. She eschews common, run of the mill, honey-pot shots. She prefers to look around and find new views and perspectives. She explained by another series of images how, and why she chose certain compositions. She also produced a list of the kit she uses and more importantly, why!

Rachael ended the evening by showing us all a selection of dramatic seascapes taken during recent storms. Many of the shots looked as if she was dangerously close to the water’s edge. She was very quick to point out, however that she always put safety first and relied on longer focal length lenses to achieve the images.

A very instructive, and highly enjoyable evening. Rachael is a very competent and articulate speaker. She is also a highly knowledgeable photographer. If she hasn’t been to your club yet then I highly recommend giving your programme secretary a nudge.

Rachael is in demand as a public speaker and writes regularly for Outdoor Photography magazine. She is also co-founder of f11 Workshops, providing photography day tours and workshops in the South of England. Her images have been published in books and appear frequently in both print and online magazines. They have been exhibited widely in the UK as well as Barcelona and New York and they appear in private collections in the UK and in the USA. In 2016, Rachael won the Sunday Times Magazine’s award in Landscape Photographer of the Year. She has just been named Black and White Photographer of the Year 2018.



Article and Photographs by Richard Corkrey – 15/03/2018

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