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Competition: PDI – Round 1 – “Open” – Judge: David Eastley LRPS

Wednesday 31/10/2018

“The Old Pier” by Nick Lees – Winner Club Class

“Cosmos Cup Cake” by Peter Jones (PJ) – Winner Advanced Class

The first PDI (Projected Digital Image) competition of the season was held on Wednesday, 31st October. More than 70 images had been entered so the competition judge, David Eastley, had his work cut out to finish on time.

David is no stranger to Midhurst Camera Club; he’s judged there several times over the past few years and always impressed the club members with his excellent critique. His latest visit was no exception. He gave encouraging feedback on all the images pointing out good points and highlighting areas of the images which could have been improved.

At the end of the Club Class section David had held back about a dozen images for further consideration and of these he awarded the maximum 20 points to just four of them. He then had the difficult task of deciding 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. After much thought he finally awarded 1st place to club newcomer Nick Lees for his “The Old Pier” image.

The Advanced Class followed after a short break for refreshments. There were some outstanding images to see in this section; many of them examples of taking photography into the art world with effects added both in-camera and in post-processing. Again, 10 images were held back and four were awarded the maximum 20 points. After much deliberation David finally awarded 1st place to “Cosmos Cup Cake” by the club’s chairman, PJ.

PJ thanked David for all his hard work before closing the meeting and adjourning to the local hostelry for a convivial drink and review of the evening’s activities.

Our next competition is a print competition with a theme. “On the Beach” on Wednesday, 22nd November. The Judge will be Rob de Ruiter ARPS.

Article by Peter Jones – 01/11/2018




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Practical Evening – “How To Enter A Competition” – Peter Jones (PJ)

Wednesday 24/10/2018

Chairman Peter Jones (PJ)

The Club’s second practical session of the season was held on October 24th, this one covering how to enter a competition. The evening was led by the Club’s Chairman, PJ and saw a great combination of instruction, examples, discussion and lots of hands-on time using the various mount-cutters club members had brought along.

The evening was split into three basic sections. First, how to prepare images for PDI competitions before uploading them via the Club’s website followed by entering details of print competition entries on the site. A few minutes were then devoted to a few simple rules for all competition entries such a the rule of thirds.

The majority of the evening was dedicated to preparing prints for competitions. Mount cutters, marking-out, glues, tools and costs were all explained before everyone had the opportunity to cut a mount or two; some even went away with their own print in a professional-looking mount.

After the meeting itself had finished the discussion continued across the road at the White Horse, a great way to wind down after a busy evening.

The next Practical Evening is “The Lightroom Challenge” with Jill Denis LRPS – 21/11/2018

Article by Peter Jones , Photographs by Mike Hughes – 26/10/2018

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The 2018/19 Competition Season gets Underway

Wednesday 03/10/2018

Judge: Stéphane Rocher

There was a BUMPER entry of 83 images for this, the first of the season’s competitions, reflecting the keenness of Members to start the competition season, but more likely the status of this competition too.
This is an Open (non-League) Competition with no set subject, where ALL members (Club and Advanced) compete against each other on an equal basis, with the entries split between Ladies and Gentlemen as both compete for their own Trophy.

The Judge for the evening was the wonderfully hirsute Stéphane Rocher – who certainly had his work cut-out to give his always interesting and thoughtful feedback on all the entries before the evening ended.
Before judging started Stephane set-out his personal philosophy when assessing and judging photographs.
Liking – creativity, thoughtfulness, and simplicity.
Not liking – over processed images (not be reliant on the processing software), images that are not sharp where/when they should be, and a dislike of what he described as “Camera Club Cropping” where images are cropped in exactly the same way, leaving an equal amount of spacing around the main subject.

There were an equal number of entries from the Ladies and the Men, and it was great to see that there were entries from our brand new members too – it took the writer a couple of months as a new member before he felt comfortable to submit his first entry.

Moving Sheep by Val Carver LRPS

Val Carver LRPS (left), Winner of the Ladies’ Class with Stéphane Rocher

“Blue Penguins Coming Ashore at Dusk” by Clive Blott

Clive Blott right), Winner of the Gentleman’s Class with Stéphane Rocher


The Ladies were the first to be assessed and the quality, creativeness and wide range of the entries was genuinely excellent, with a large number having to be held back for additional consideration and decide the top scorers and winners. However Val Carver’s beautiful photograph “Moving Sheep” was a worthy winner, with honourable second and third placings both going to Sue Bird with “Outward Bound” , and “A Gentle Soul”.

With a keen eye on the clock, judging of the Men’s entries followed in a similar vein as the Ladies – high quality and a wide range of subject matter, with a number of top marks being given out to his final selection 7 photographs. This made the selection of the top three placings very difficult for Stephane. A surprisingly surprised Clive Blott was adjudged to be the eventual winner with his image “Blue Penguins Coming Ashore at Dusk”, with Club Class Member Chris Chapman 2nd with “Try using a Net”, and joint third places to Joe Bird “Just Sidney” and Richard Corkrey “Chasing the Light”.

Chairman PJ spoke for all when he praised Stephane’s excellent, insightful and thoughtful judging and looked forward to him returning again soon – however, perhaps PJ was personally a little disappointed as Stephane’s last two visits to the the Club resulted in PJ winning each time!

The next Meeting will be a talk “Landscape Photography, and Emotion” by Astrid McGechan LRPS (17th October at 19.30).

Article and Photographs by Mike Hughes – 04/10/2018

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The First Practical Night of the Season – Camera Basics with Peter Jones (PJ) and Richard Corkrey

Wednesday 26/09/2018

Richard Corkrey, assisted by Elke Epp demonstrates various camera systems

The turnout for this first Meeting of the season was good, with a great mixture of returning and new members in attendance.

It was great to see another FULL HOUSE with a number of new members and visitors coming along for the first of the Club’s Monthly Practical evenings – “Camera Basics”.

The evening was jointly run by Chairman PJ and Webmeister Richard Corkrey, with PJ starting the evening with a Powerpoint Presentation highlighting most of the main principles of Photography, and in particular the “ISO – Speed – Aperture” relationship and demonstrating how adjusting any of these settings affects the other one/two.

After the break Richard (and Elke) then went through the different types of Cameras, Sensors, Lenses, Speedlights, Tripods and Filters that are the most commonly used by club photographers and highlighted the merits/demerits of each type of equipment. A lively question and answer section then followed with members asking for advice about which type of camera/lenses might be best suited for their particular needs.

The speakers were warmly applauded for the time and advice.

PJ closed the Meeting, informing the Members that due to the very high number of entries for the next Competition “Ladies v’s Men” 3rd October 2018 – especially from the new and Club Class Members, Competition Secretary Patrick Balfour may have to limit the number of entries from the Advanced Members from three to two.

Finally, Programme Secretary Elke reminded the Members about the next Speaker Evening “Landscape Photography and Emotion” by Astrid McGechan on 17th October.

Article and Photographs by Mike Hughes – 27/09/2018

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“Woodland Walks” – Paul Mitchell FRPS

Wednesday 19/09/2018

Paul Mitchell FRPS

In a packed Cowdray Hall the Club’s new season of speakers got off to a great start with the visit of the renowned Landscape photographer Paul Mitchell – the subject for his talk being “Woodland Ways”.

Paul is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and currently serves on the Fine Art Distinctions Panel. He has been successful in the prestigious Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, winning the Sunday Times Choice Award in 2013, the Urban Category winner in 2015 and commended in 2017. He has also had recent successes in the Outdoor Photographer of the Year and the International Garden Photographer of the Year.

Paul talked us through his favourite walks amongst his well loved trees, from Burnham Beeches to Glen Coe, encouraging us to look more closely in front, behind, and below for images and framings which nature provides.

He commenced by showing us the equipment he uses to capture his images on a typical walk, and the camera settings he typically uses.
Then, in order to put his style of Woodland Photography into context, Paul showed us works by past masters of Oil and Watercolour painting, illustrating the historic progression in styles from bucolic to realism – advising that it is the latter style which he is most drawn to.

Paul presenting his talk.

He then walked us through a wide range of different woodland venues season by season, and described the varying aspects of light, colour, and composition that each season provides. This clearly demonstrated that there is much to be photographed amongst the woodland throughout the year, which results in him being able to visit the same locations throughout the seasons to capture their unique aspects of form, colour and light.
He also commented on how meticulous he was about the weather conditions leading up to a shoot, even down to checking the dew-point which may be indicative of moody mists that would cover the woodland.
Whilst many non-woodland photographers may think that Autumn’s rich colours would be the best time to head to the woods, Paul advised that his favourite season was winter where the trees are naked, skeletal and dramatic, with their trunk and branches exposed without their covering of leaves.

Paul was a very passionate, engaging and eloquent speaker, and perhaps we may be seeing a few more woodland photographs appearing in the Club’s competitions in the near future, challenging the established order?

The next Speakers Evening will be on Wednesday, 17th October – “Landscape Photography and Emotion” with Astrid McGechan LRPS.

Article and Photographs by Mike Hughes – 20/09/2018

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