Speaker Night – Nick Jenkins

Speaker Night – Nick Jenkins

Wednesday 13/09/2017

Black and White is the Colour of Photography


Last night was our first speaker night of the season. To kick us off we were treated to a talk by Welsh photographer, Nick Jenkins ARPS AWPF. His subject was “Black and White are the Colours of Photography”. The talk was very interactive – something which Nick welcomed. He explained that the evening was not a “look at my wonderful pictures and my wonderful locations” it was intended to be a show and tell of his relatively new venture into Black and White “warts an’ all”.

Fifteen years ago Nick was very much a colour photographer and he never thought about Black and White. This was a completely new venture for him. “It’s absolutely revolutionised the way I look at things”, He explained. “Now I shoot with my eye on a monochrome opportunity”.

Nick Jenkins

Nick’s selection of images were a pictorial log of his B&W journey. Most were taken in Wales and included various subjects such as: an abandoned phone box, an old petrol pump, an old bike, a pre-war general store, and a reservoir. These were just a few of the variety of images displayed. As he showed each I’mage he invited comments from the audience. The discussion was quite lively at times. Nick was not afraid to show some of his obvious “howlers”. “I want people to see how I went wrong”, he said. “When you shoot in B&W you have to slow your thought processes down. You have to ask yourself if the image will make a good B&W. It doesn’t work for every image”. Nick further explained that B&W photography was more about contrast and form, and that just removing the colour didn’t work. “You can’t rely on the camera do the B&W conversion”, he explained. “You do need to do a bit of post processing”. Many of the images had been worked with a software infrared filter to further bring out the contrast. “I see that this hasn’t always worked now”, he said. “Choosing the right composition is paramount”.
Nick mainly shoots with a Nikon camera. His lenses of choice being a 24-70mm, and a 70-200mm. For some work he used an ultra wide-angle lens. Many shots were taken between f/5.6 and f/14. He used a lot of differential focusing

A very informative talk from a very talented photographer. The interactive element of the talk gave many members the opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions. A very different sort of evening.

Nick Jenkins is an award-winning landscape photographer whose love of the more remote areas has taken him to the less populated corners of this country. He has been an outdoor photographer for over 30 years; 15 years ago decided to take the plunge and go professional. He runs workshops (Freespirit Images) around the UK. He has also tutored for, amongst others, Light & Land Photographic Holidays, Tatra Photography, Gwent College and HF Holidays. Further information can be obtained from his website here .

Nick is an Associate of both the Royal Photographic Society and the Welsh Photographic Federation.

Jane Castley (right) is presented with The Presidents’s Cup by Club President, Hilly Hoar (left)

Last but not least Midhurst Camera Club had the great pleasure to present an award to one of our most valued members. The Presidents’s Cup was awarded to Jane Castley for her fine service to the club. Jane is active behind the scenes in many areas of Club activities throughout the year. The most visible of which is ensuring that everyone is suitably fed and watered during our breaks. I’m sure everyone will join me in offering congratulations for her well-deserved award.

Article and Photographs by Richard Corkrey – 14/09/2017

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