Exhibition 2017 – Public Votes


Results from the public exhibition vote

During our annual exhibition we ask the viewing public to vote for their favourite image.

This page shows the results of their voting.

“Salvador Dali’s Bicycle” by Michele Facer

Photographer Image Title Votes
Michele Facer Salvador Dali’s Bicycle 10
Michele Facer Stronger, together 8
PJ When red light shows, wait here 8
Richard Corkrey Sunrise at Stedham 8
Tony Jones Resting leopard 6
Michele Facer Hanging out 5
Clive Blott Hallgrimskirkja, Iceland 4
Richard Corkrey Red Copse 4
Tony Jones Prowling Cheetah, Samburu, Kenya 4
Val Carver Forest sunbeams 4
Ann Wright The Buttery 3
Judi Lion Summer evening at Kirksjufell, Iceland 3
Mary Butterworth Me and my cigar 3
Patrick Balfour Into the sunset 3
Philip Cox Meadow Pippit 3
PJ Exploding peony 3
Richard Corkrey The Mystical Woodland 3
Shirley Blott Still Standing 3
Shirley Blott The Great British Summer 3
Clive Blott Misty Morning 2
Clive Blott Otter 2
Colin Bird In the Autumn mist 2
Hilly Hoar Dew Drops 2
Hilly Hoar Wood Anemone and Wild Violet 2
Lesley Streak Umbrellas galore 2
Michele Facer Apocalypse 2
PJ But is it Art? 2
Rob Sadler Stags in the park 2
Sue Bird That L’Oréal moment 2
Tony Jones Thirsty leopard, Mara river 2
Val Carver Not wanted on Top Gear 2
Ann Wright Nature’s rich tapestry 1
Ann Wright Teazel 1
Chris Chapman Welcome to my den 1
Clive Blott Beached! 1
Clive Blott Hello Love 1
Clive Blott Coming Down 1
Elke Epp The Wind That Shakes The Barley 1
Elke Epp Dusk at Rutland Water 1
Elke Epp Winter Birches at Linchmere Common 1
Guy Turner Summer sunrise, Church Norton 1
Guy Turner Ski biathlon trail, Quebec 1
Guy Turner Rock Kestrel 1
Hilly Hoar Fern and bluebells 1
Hilly Hoar Ice 1
Judi Lion Blue hour at Ashness Landing 1
Luis Ramos Lebanon Cedar in winter 1
Mary Butterworth The herd 1
Mary Butterworth Poppies in barley 1
Patrick Balfour On the beach 1
Patrick Balfour Steam and steel gala 1
Philip Cox Bearded Tit 1
PJ Arlington Row 1
PJ Glory Lily 1
PJ Sunset on the sand and sea 1
Richard Corkrey Ebb Tide 1
Richard Corkrey Early Light 1
Richard Corkrey Guardians in the Mist 1
Rob Sadler Yellow 1
Shirley Blott Narrowboat, Caen Hill 1
Shirley Blott Ready to Recycle 1
Shirley Blott Woolbeding sunset 1
Shirley Blott Tjornin Pond, Reykjavik 1
Sue Garrard Rotting Ranch House 1
Tony Jones The Forest Fights Back 1
Tony Jones Dusk over the Masai Mara 1
Val Carver Harvest Mouse 1
Val Carver Golden Eagle 1
Val Carver The eyes have it 1
Val Carver Owls 1
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