First Meeting of the New Season

First Meeting of the New Season

Wednesday 06/09/2017

Members chatting before the start.

Last night was the first night of the Midhurst Camera Club new season which was very well attended. As well as welcoming back our existing members we were pleased to sign up several new ones. We extend a warm welcome to David Garrard, Julia Kelly, Andy Cantlon, David Trojak, Sally Bates, and Declan McCullagh to the Club. We hope they will enjoy the Club evenings and get as much from them as the existing members do.

The evening began with the Chairman’s Welcome delivered by PJ in his own inimitable style, followed by Webmaster Richard Corkrey who explained how to get the best out of the Club through the various online facilities and social media: The Website for general information; Facebook for discussion, announcements, and photographic tips; Flickr for members who wish to receive advice on images; Twitter to have Club announcements sent directly to your smartphone.

A brief outline of the Speakers  planned for the coming season (complete with images) was given by Programme Secretary, Elke Epp. Speakers we have booked for this year are: Nick Jenkins (September), Clive Nichols (October), Roy Matthews (November), Viveca Koh (December), Alan Brindle (January), Rachael Talibart (March), and Linda Wevill (April).

Wearing his other hat Practical Evenings Coordinator, Richard Corkrey outlined the evenings planned for the year: Camera Basics (September), How To Enter a Competition (October), Basic Lightroom, Elements, and Photoshop (November), People and Portraits (January), Intentional Camera Movement (February), Black and White (March), and Your Questions Answered (April).

Peter Marsh (left) being presented with the Secretary’s Cup by Club Secretary, Tony Jones (right)

Patrick Balfour (right) receiving his award by Club President, Hilly Hoar (left)

Two cups were awarded to members for the last year. The Secretary’s Cup was awarded to Peter Marsh for his fine service to the club. Throughout the year Peter is always the first to arrive, set up the room, erect the screen, and erect the print stands. The  award for winning PDI League (Advanced) went to Print Competition Secretary, Patrick Balfour.

The final section of the evening was given over to “I Do It My Way”. A set of four talks by four Club members on their styles of photography. First up was President, Hilly Hoar who presented a set of very fine prints which included images taken in Iceland, and her work photographing water droplets at various angles and distances. Hilly specialises in this type of Macro Photography. The patience and skill needed to produce images of this calibre cannot be overerstated. Hilly finished her talk by showing us how to have a Photography Book published and produced her own fine book as an example.

President, Hilly Hoar demonstrates her Photography Book

Next up was Treasurer, Rob Sadler who produced a set of images that demonstrated how to “cure” and avoid problems that beset us all as photographers. Among his examples were how to photograph snow, setting the correct depth of field, and removing colour casts by setting the correct white balance. Rob is an excellent portrait photographer and will be hosting a workshop in January called “People and Portraits”.

The third talk was given by Richard Corkrey who is a Woodland Photographer. Richard produced a set of images that took us all through the seasonal woodland. He explained through his photographs how the woodlands change drastically throughout the year and the techniques he employs to get the trees and woods to evoke the right atmosphere. Richard has lately had one of his cameras converted for infrared and his final image showed the first attempt he had made with the camera. Richard shoots a lot of Black and White images and infrared will help enormously.

Finally we were treated to a talk by Chairman, Peter Jones (PJ). PJ specialises in Macro Photography, mainly flowers. He has provision for a studio in his house and was able to demonstratel how he obtained such intricate close-ups. He shared some of the techniques used in getting just the right background, and lighting. PJ is a great fan of Clive Nichols who will be speaking to the Club in October. PJ finished his talk by demonstrating his immense knowledge of Photoshop to produce a fine art print from an ordinary photograph.

All in all a very successful evening and we can all look forward to the year ahead.

Article and Photographs by Richard Corkrey – 06/09/2017

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