Christmas Social Evening – 2017

Christmas Social Evening

Wednesday 13/12/2017


Last Wednesday we celebrated the end of 2017 with a Christmas Social Evening at Cowdray Hall. About 30 members were present and everyone brought a little something as part of an “American Supper”. Believe me there was no shortage of food.

The evening started with a local quiz which was well thought up by Chairman Peter Jones (PJ). The questions weren’t easy and wouldn’t have been out of place on Mastermind. It was all good fun and really got everyone thinking. I never knew that my local knowledge was that bad.

After a break for food we were treated to a display of Members’ “Artwork”. All members had been sent links to some images and instructed to do what they liked to put their own personal stamp on them. They could merge them, add filters, or add text, etc. In short they had a free range to do what they liked. Here are some examples (no names, no pack drill):

A very enjoyable evening and a great chance for everyone to get to know each other.

The Committee would like to wish all our Members a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The next Club Meeting will be on Wednesday, 3rd January, 2018. It will be a PDI Competition night “People”. The Judge will be Ken Scott.


Article by Richard Corkrey , Photographs provided by Peter Jones – 15/12/2017

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