Workshop: Camera Basics

Workshop: Camera Basics

Wednesday 20/09/2017


Richard Corkrey demonstrates Programme Mode at the Camera Basics Workshop

Our first Practical Evening/Workshop: Camera Basics was a successful evening with about 22 people in attendance. We are a small Club with just over 40 members and many of our more experienced members tend to skip this one, so this was a good turnout. We even attracted two visitors. Camera Basics is traditionally our first workshop of the season

The evening started with a Powerpoint presentation by the Chairman (PJ) demonstrating the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. The presentation also included a description of the Digital Metering Modes of the camera. Anyone who needs a refresher on DMM can get one in our Knowledgebase. This was followed by a practical run-through by me. Many different makes of camera were in evidence so the aim of this section was to help people find each mode in turn. The longest time was spent on Programming Mode. Many experienced photographers hate this mode but I reckon it makes a good first step out of Automatic. It’s also a great “grab mode”. We the touched on Aperture (A/Av), Shutter Speed (S/Tv), and Manual (M). The final part of the evening was a hands on session where people were invited to experiment with depth of field using mugs on the table.

It’s very easy to confuse and deter people who are new to photography so we deliberately kept the evening simple. I think we struck the right balance.

Article by Richard Corkrey, Photograph by Peter Jones – 21/09/2017

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