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“Woodland Walks” – Paul Mitchell FRPS

Wednesday 19/09/2018

Paul Mitchell FRPS

In a packed Cowdray Hall the Club’s new season of speakers got off to a great start with the visit of the renowned Landscape photographer Paul Mitchell – the subject for his talk being “Woodland Ways”.

Paul is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and currently serves on the Fine Art Distinctions Panel. He has been successful in the prestigious Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, winning the Sunday Times Choice Award in 2013, the Urban Category winner in 2015 and commended in 2017. He has also had recent successes in the Outdoor Photographer of the Year and the International Garden Photographer of the Year.

Paul talked us through his favourite walks amongst his well loved trees, from Burnham Beeches to Glen Coe, encouraging us to look more closely in front, behind, and below for images and framings which nature provides.

He commenced by showing us the equipment he uses to capture his images on a typical walk, and the camera settings he typically uses.
Then, in order to put his style of Woodland Photography into context, Paul showed us works by past masters of Oil and Watercolour painting, illustrating the historic progression in styles from bucolic to realism – advising that it is the latter style which he is most drawn to.

Paul presenting his talk.

He then walked us through a wide range of different woodland venues season by season, and described the varying aspects of light, colour, and composition that each season provides. This clearly demonstrated that there is much to be photographed amongst the woodland throughout the year, which results in him being able to visit the same locations throughout the seasons to capture their unique aspects of form, colour and light.
He also commented on how meticulous he was about the weather conditions leading up to a shoot, even down to checking the dew-point which may be indicative of moody mists that would cover the woodland.
Whilst many non-woodland photographers may think that Autumn’s rich colours would be the best time to head to the woods, Paul advised that his favourite season was winter where the trees are naked, skeletal and dramatic, with their trunk and branches exposed without their covering of leaves.

Paul was a very passionate, engaging and eloquent speaker, and perhaps we may be seeing a few more woodland photographs appearing in the Club’s competitions in the near future, challenging the established order?

The next Speakers Evening will be on Wednesday, 17th October – “Landscape Photography and Emotion” with Astrid McGechan LRPS.

Article and Photographs by Mike Hughes – 20/09/2018

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The 2018/9 Midhurst Camera Club Season – Starts Here!

Wednesday 05/09/2018

Chairman Peter Jones (PJ) giving his opening address

The turnout for this first Meeting of the season was good, with a great mixture of returning and new members in attendance.
In the unfamiliar, but elegant surroundings of Capron House, Chairman PJ got the start of the new season underway with a warm welcome to all, and briefly outlined the upcoming seasons events.

The Committee members then introduced themselves and their roles to the audience, representing a good cross section of the club’s Membership, both in their levels of experience/skill, and the types of photography which they enjoy most. Please note that if any Member has a question, suggestion, comment or a concern during the season, please ask any Committee Member – they are all name-badged to help you (and them) remember their names, and are all there to help you get the most from our Club.

Print Competition Secretary Patrick Balfour

In his opening address, Chairman PJ spoke about how the club exists to help all members, whatever their current level, to enhance their skills, interest, and enjoyment of photography through it’s diverse range of planned Speakers, Practical evenings, and Competitions. Members were also reminded that there is a wealth of talent and experience within the club that they can draw on if/when needed.
PJ then demonstrated the many genres of photography that exist, which Members can learn about and develop within our Club throughout this and the coming seasons.

The new members were then encouraged to introduce themselves, and they proved to be an articulate, diverse and interesting group from relative beginners to lapsed seasoned photographers.

PJ closed the Meeting reminding Members of the Clubs next Meeting which will be a talk “Woodland Ways” by Paul Mitchell (19th September at 19.30), and will be at our our regular Club venue of Cowdray Hall.

Finally, as is traditional at all Club Meetings, PJ invited members to join him for a social chat/drink at a local hostelry.

Article and Photographs by Mike Hughes – 05/09/2018

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Annual Dinner and Prize-giving – 2018

Saturday 02/06/2018

Annual Dinner – 2018

On Saturday 2nd June MCC, with over 20 members present, met for its Annual Dinner and Prize-giving. This year we all met at the Greyhound Pub in Midhurst. This is traditionally our last meeting of the season.

The Annual Dinner is when we present our cups and awards for the year. The awards this year were as follows;

PDI League Cup – Club Class – Mike Hughes
PDI League Cup – Advanced Class – Elke Epp

Print League Cup – Club Class – Ann Wright
Print League Cup – Advanced Class – Richard Corkrey

Newcomer’s Cup – Julia Kelly
Secretary’s Cup – Pauline Ryder
President’s Cup – Tony Jones

The awards were presented by President – Hilly Hoar.

Prizewinners from L to R, Julia Kelly, Richard Corkrey, Tony Jones, Elke Epp, Ann Wright, Mike Hughes, Pauline Ryder, Hilly Hoar – President.

Our new season starts on 5th September with our traditional welcome evening, This will be held at Cowdray Hall in Easebourne.

Midhurst Camera Club wishes to thank everyone for your support over the last year.

Article by Richard Corkrey
Photographs by Richard Corkrey, and Clive Blott – 02/06/2018

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Annual Photographic Exhibition – 2018

Saturday – Monday 26-28/05/2018

View from the stage

An extremely hot weekend for our three day 2018 Exhibition. Held much earlier this year in May rather than August. Numbers were slightly down this year but this could have been caused by several factors. The Spring Bank Holiday is probably not the best time to hold an exhibition , and the weather was very hot. All this aside we had a good attendance with many visitors giving positive reviews.

Shirley and Jill at the entrance desk

There was again a nice steady flow over the weekend. Monday being the best day, Entrance was £1.00  and once again we held our very popular tombola. Our chairman PJ managed to win three prizes with five tickets. He then went on to win the Image of the Year award.  Some people have all the luck!

There was a large variety of prints on all subjects, 270 in total with nearly 24 members exhibiting. Refreshment was readily available at our F-Stop Cafe. Here visitors to the Exhibition could sit and relax, have a hot drink, and sample some of the delicious cake that was provided by our members. Here visitors could view the Projected Digital Images on the two large HD screens.

Visitors were very complimentary and there was brisk activity around the ballot box with visitors casting their votes for their favourite image. Many visitors commented that the standard of the images was so high that they couldn’t make up their minds which image to vote for.

The Image of the Year was judged this year by Ken Scott ARPS. Ken is a very respected judge on the camera club circuit as well as being a very fine photographer in his own right. The winner of this year’s Competition was:

“Pebbles in a Rising Tide” by Peter Jones (PJ)

Peter Jones (right) being present with his award by Judge: Ken Scott

“Pebbles in a Rising Tide” by PJ – Winner Image of the Year 2018

The judge just loved this image because it was quirky and different. Honourable mentions were given to the following images:

Images from these panels –

“Storm Brian” by Clive Blott
“Autumn Almanac” by Richard Corkrey

The following –

“Why Did the Egret Cross the Road?” by Angela Wright
“Back to Nature” by Elke Epp
“Lamlush” by Clive Blott

The following PDI’s were also commended:

“A Father and Son Moment” by Colin Joe Bird
“Trees of Talybont” by Elke Epp

Visitors came from as far away as London. One lady and her daughter drove all the way from Tunbridge Wells just to see the Exhibition.

The winner of the Public Ballot was:

1st Place:   Crossword Puzzlers by Mike Hughes

“Crossword Puzzlers” by Mike Hughes -Winner of the Public Vote

The ranking by number of votes cast is:

1st     –      Mike Hughes         23
2nd    –      Clive Blott             15
3rd     –      Hilly Hoar             13
3rd     –      Patrick Balfour      13

There was a special discount of £5.00 off the standard rate for new members joining at the Exhibition. This proved very successful, with 7 or 8 new members signing up over the weekend.

Many thanks to Patrick Balfour and his team for bringing all this together.

Many members have asked about the Competition Subjects for the next season they are:

Print – “On the Beach”, “Signs, Signals, Symbols”, “Flora and Fauna”
PDI – “From an Unusual Perspective”, “Seen on the Street”

The dates will be published in due course.

Article by Richard Corkrey – 29/05/2018
Photographs by Elke Epp and Richard Corkrey

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Annual General Meeting – 2018

Wednesday 23/05/2018

Chairman Peter Jones (PJ) presenting Judi Lion with her cup for winning the Enprint Competition 2018

On Wednesday MCC held its Annual General Meeting at Cowdray Hall in Easebourne, Midhurst West Sussex. About 30 Members were present and the meeting started at 7.30pm.

Committee Members standing down were Tony Jones, who has given 9 years service as Secretary, and Terry Bunn who had been in the post of Publicity Secretary. Stepping up to the plate to fill these demanding roles are Angela Wright (Secretary), and Mike Hughes (Publicity Secretary). We wish them well in their new roles.

Also held during the evening was the Annual Enprint Competition. These are standard size photographs with no post processing. The winner this year was Judi Lion with her image: Sunset Over Windermere. Congratulations Judi!

“Sunset Over Windermere” by Judi Lion – Winner – Enprint Competition 2018

Our final event of the year will be our Annual Exhibition. This will be held from 26 – 28 May at the Memorial Hall, North Street, Midhurst.

Thank you everyone for your support over the last year.

Article and Photographs by Richard Corkrey – 24/05/2018

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If anyone has any interesting photographs or would like to contribute to this blog in any way please send it to: publicity@midhurstcameraclub.co.uk

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