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Competition: PDI – Round 2 – “People” – Judge: Ken Scott

Wednesday 03/01/2018


“Crossword Puzzlers” by Mike Hughes. Winner – Club Class

“Waiting” by Elke Epp. Winner – Advanced Class

This was our second PDI Competition of the season. The theme was “People”, and the judge was Ken Scott. This was also the second round of the PDI League Competition with one more round to go for the League Cup. There were 25 entries in the Club Class and 36 entries in the Advanced Class.

The judge’s comments were fair and comprehensive with more time spent on the “Club” images to help the newer members improve their craft.

The first part of the evening was for “Club Class” entries with Mike Hughes taking all three places. There was quite a variety of subjects with many children’s images included.. The results were:

1st – “Crossword Puzzlers” by Mike Hughes
2nd – “Grumpy Street Pianist” by Mike Hughes
3rd – “Men’s Fashion – Ladies’ Fashion” by Mike Hughes

The “Advanced Class” section, which took up the second part of the evening, results were as follows:

1st – “Waiting” by Elke Epp
2nd – “A Father and Son Moment ” by Colin Joe Bird
3rd – “Four GI’s and a Jeep” by Judi Lion

Elke Epp (right) and Judge Ken Scott (left) with Elke’s winning image in the Advanced Class “Waiting”

Unfortunately Mike Hughes was in Australia and not available for a photograph..

Our next competition is a print competition with a theme. “Within the Churchyard” on Wednesday, 31st January. The Judge will be Rob de Ruiter ARPS.


Article and Photographs by Richard Corkrey – 04/01/2018




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Christmas Social Evening

Wednesday 13/12/2017


Last Wednesday we celebrated the end of 2017 with a Christmas Social Evening at Cowdray Hall. About 30 members were present and everyone brought a little something as part of an “American Supper”. Believe me there was no shortage of food.

The evening started with a local quiz which was well thought up by Chairman Peter Jones (PJ). The questions weren’t easy and wouldn’t have been out of place on Mastermind. It was all good fun and really got everyone thinking. I never knew that my local knowledge was that bad.

After a break for food we were treated to a display of Members’ “Artwork”. All members had been sent links to some images and instructed to do what they liked to put their own personal stamp on them. They could merge them, add filters, or add text, etc. In short they had a free range to do what they liked. Here are some examples (no names, no pack drill):

A very enjoyable evening and a great chance for everyone to get to know each other.

The Committee would like to wish all our Members a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The next Club Meeting will be on Wednesday, 3rd January, 2018. It will be a PDI Competition night “People”. The Judge will be Ken Scott.


Article by Richard Corkrey , Photographs provided by Peter Jones – 15/12/2017

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Speaker Night – Viveca Koh

Wednesday 06/12/2017


From iPhoneography to Fellowship: My Continuing Journey


Last night we had the pleasure of a return visit by Viveca Koh. Viveca last came to Midhurst Camera Club about three year’s ago and wowed everybody with a talk on “Urban Exploration to Fine Art: A Photographic Journey”.  Since then we have been trying to get her back and last night it finally happened. This time Viveca spoke at length about a subject that is of rising prominence in the photograph world, Smartphone Photography, or Iphoneography as Viveca likes to call it. She also spoke on how she obtained her Fellowship with the Royal Photographic Society. No mean feat I assure you.

Smartphone Photography is the elephant in the room in the photographic world. Many experienced photographers like to ignore its existence or not take it seriously. Phone cameras have been improving steadily over the years, for instance, the new iPhone X has a 12MP sensor array (for taking zoomed-in pictures, or capturing depth perception in a scene). The iPhone X also has an f/2.4 aperture. This elephant is now becoming seriously large and can no longer be ignored.

It was unfortunate that the attendance was a bit down for the evening. I think many members would be kicking themselves if they could see what they missed. Like Roy Matthews before her Viveca decided to split the evening into two parts. The first part of the evening was a talk about the many different apps produced to support smartphone photographers. together with examples of  Viveca’s work and which apps and effects she had used to get the results. Among the many apps she listed were: Percolator, Hipstamatic, Glaze, and Photoshop Touch (now discontinued by Adobe).  There is a wealth of editing apps, plus texture apps giving photographers the ability to produce incredibly artistic works of art nowadays. We were taken on photographic journey plus explanations on why she had done certain things in her images together with an explanation of which apps had provided the effects . I think that it’s only fair to add that Viveca Koh has exceptional artistic insight plus first-rate compositional skills so everything she showed us was quite  brilliant. She makes the whole process look very easy but as in most types of photography a certain amount of application is essential.

Viveca Koh together with her FRPS Panel and Slideshow

The second part of the evening was a talk on how Viveca obtained her Fellowship with the Royal Photographic Society and the pitfalls she encountered in obtaining this prestigious award.

Originally planning to submit a book based on her Uncle’s poetry, for which 40 images were required. Viveca explained how her book passed the first stage of the two-step process (the Visual Arts Panel) but was failed by the Fellowship Panel. Following advice it was recommended that she submit 20 of the best images as a Print Submission. This then led to her obtaining her FRPS.

Viveca took us through her successful prints as a slideshow, explaining why she chose them. As each image was based on a particular poem written by her Uncle she explained the artistic processes that led up to her composing each image. Viveca had also brought along her actual panel so people could actually see the images at first hand. Slideshows tend not to do justice to photographs.

A very informative and enjoyable evening with members already suggesting we hold workshops on iPhoneography. Viveca has produced a PDF about the apps she uses for her smartphone photography. She has promised to send this to me and as soon as I have it I will make it available on our Knowledgebase for Club Members.

I hope we don’t have to wait so long before we see Viveca Koh back again for another great talk.

Viveca Koh FRPS is a self-taught Fine Art photographer, with a special fascination for small details,  for lost, abandoned, poignant and generally broken objects, and also for darkness contrasting with light, both in a physical and emotional sense.

Many of her illustrative images simply evolve as she is working on them – “I start off with a quite straightforward idea of what I want to achieve but am always willing to venture wherever the photograph wants me to go, as I overlay multiple images together or add textures, scanned documents as new layers, and subtle shading. Two photographs may blend together in a way that I could not have previously imagined, and this is one of the things that I find so exciting and all-consuming when I work, to produce a final image that perhaps a little bit different, that invokes emotion in the viewer and makes them question their sense of the world as they know it”.

In June 2014 she was awarded a Fellowship Distinction by the Royal Photographic Society,  following on from an Associateship Distinction in June 2011 and a Licentiateship Distinction in 2010.

Viveca’s website is at www.vivecakohphototography.com

Article and Photographs by Richard Corkrey – 07/12/2017

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Competition: Print – Round 1 – “Blue Mood” – Judge: Roger Crocombe

Wednesday 22/11/2017

“Last (Small) Wave of the Day” by Mike Hughes – Winner Club Class

“A Cold Winters Morning on the South Downs” by Judi Lion – Winner Advanced Class

Our first print competition of the 2017/2018 season was also Judge, Roger Crocombe’s last ever competition. He would now be enjoying a well earned retirement from club competition judging. The theme was “Blue Mood” and it was interesting to see how the members interpreted this theme in their images. There were definitely many shades of Blue on show.

Mike Hughes (left) with Judge, Roger Crocombe

Ten members submitted prints for Club Class. The top 3 images all showed creative input and imagination. The results were:

1st – “Last (Small) Wave of the Day” by Mike Hughes
2nd – “Monday” by Alf Russell
3rd – “Famous For His Blue Mood” by Angela Wright

Judi Lion with Judge, Roger Crocombe

For Advanced Class 39 images were submitted by 13 members and Roger did well giving his considered critique in the available time. The results were:

1st – “A Winter’s Morning on the South Downs” by Judi Lion
2nd – “Vik Church in the Cold Light of Dawn” by Jill Denis
3rd – “Choral Evensong, Itchen Stoke” by Patrick Balfour

Well done to all members who submitted images to this competition with a theme that proved to be quite challenging. Our big thanks goes to Roger Crocombe for excellent judging on this night and all the times he visited our club in the past.

Our next competition is a PDI competition with a theme. “People” on Wednesday, 3rd January. The Judge will be Ken Scott.

Article by Elke Epp, Photographs by Richard Corkrey – 23/11/2017


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Interclub Competition: Midhurst CC vs Ludshott PS – Judge: Martin Faiers

Monday 20/11/2017

“Hoary Tree” by Mike Hughes (Club Class)

“Buster” by Clive Blott (Advanced Class)

Initiated by Ludshott Photographic Society,  our Club was invited to a friendly Inter-Club Competition at their meeting hall next to St Luke’s Church, Grayshott. The evening was judged by Martin Faiers from Old Coulsdon CC.

A good turnout from Midhurst with 17 members and many members from Ludshott were present.

Judging was done by points out of 10. Our club class images did well and Mike Hughes scored 10 points each for his images “Dawn’s Eerie Light” and “Hoary Tree”. Another favourite of our club also did well, Shirley Blott’s “The Great British Summer” which was also awarded 10 points.

It was interesting to see images new to us from the Ludshott members who are particularly good at natural history: “Too Shy To dance” and “Pallas Cat”. They both scored 10 points each.

For Advanced Class Clive Blott scored 10 points for “Buster”, a great image capturing the decisive moment in time.

Ludshott did well with three images in Advanced Class scoring 10 points, “European Garden Spider”, “The Bookworm” and “Short-Eared Owl Hunting”.

Members from both clubs really enjoyed the evening and a return match is already in planning when we will invite Ludshott to visit our club.

Article by Elke Epp – 23/11/2017


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