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Speaker Night – Rachael Talibart

Wednesday 14/03/2018


Tides and Tempests


It’s been a couple of years now since Rachael Talibart last gave a talk at MCC. I remember at the time how many members were openly saying how inspired they all felt by her dramatic seascapes, myself included. I was therefore, very pleased to see that she had been booked to speak again at Midhurst Camera Club.

Rachael, a former London solicitor, is now a top, fine art, coastal photographer. She specialises in dramatic seascapes with equally dramatic titles. Her work has been featured in many of the major photographic publications and she has just been named Black and White Photographer of the Year 2018.

Rachael Talibart (2nd left) selling books and chatting to members.

“Find somewhere local that you love and photograph it over and over again” was Rachael’s advice. “It’s never the same because it changes with different light conditions and seasons” she said. She went on to explain that her favourite place was Birling Gap in East Sussex. Rachael then produced a series of images taken with different lenses under different conditions to underline the main point. Most of the photographs that were displayed were centred around The coastline of East and West Sussex.

“It is better to take a rare photograph of something common than a common photograph of something rare” is Rachael’s mantra. She eschews common, run of the mill, honey-pot shots. She prefers to look around and find new views and perspectives. She explained by another series of images how, and why she chose certain compositions. She also produced a list of the kit she uses and more importantly, why!

Rachael ended the evening by showing us all a selection of dramatic seascapes taken during recent storms. Many of the shots looked as if she was dangerously close to the water’s edge. She was very quick to point out, however that she always put safety first and relied on longer focal length lenses to achieve the images.

A very instructive, and highly enjoyable evening. Rachael is a very competent and articulate speaker. She is also a highly knowledgeable photographer. If she hasn’t been to your club yet then I highly recommend giving your programme secretary a nudge.

Rachael is in demand as a public speaker and writes regularly for Outdoor Photography magazine. She is also co-founder of f11 Workshops, providing photography day tours and workshops in the South of England. Her images have been published in books and appear frequently in both print and online magazines. They have been exhibited widely in the UK as well as Barcelona and New York and they appear in private collections in the UK and in the USA. In 2016, Rachael won the Sunday Times Magazine’s award in Landscape Photographer of the Year. She has just been named Black and White Photographer of the Year 2018.



Article and Photographs by Richard Corkrey – 15/03/2018

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Competition: Printed Panels – The Len Clarke Memorial Trophy – Judge: Tim West FRPS

Wednesday 28/02/2018


Winning Panels – 1st Place “Autumn Almanac” by Richard Corkrey LRPS (top). 3rd Place “Storm Brian” by Clive Blott (bottom)


Winning Panels – 2nd Place “The Wacky Garden at Bignor” by Chris Chapman (top left). 4th Place “European Bears” by Jill Denis LRPS (right)

Last night we held our annual Print Panel Competition – The LEN CLARKE MEMORIAL TROPHY. Members were invited to submit a panel of between 3 and 6 photographs. Fifteen panels were entered and there were some excellent panels and images all round. Well done to those that entered.

The results were:

1st – “Autumn Almanac” by Richard Corkrey
2nd – “The Wacky Garden at Bignor” by Chris Chapman
3rd – “Storm Brian” by Clive Blott
4th – “European Bears” by Jill Denis

Judge: Tim West FRPS

The competition does not form part of the Club League so Advanced and Club Class entries were mixed.

Our next competition is a print competition with an open theme. This will be held on Wednesday, 28th March. The Judge will be Jon Mitchell.

Article by Richard Corkrey. Photographs by Elke Epp – 01/03/2018




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Members Interactive Evening – “Let Me Be The Judge Of That”

Wednesday 14/02/2018

PDI Secretary, Colin Joe Bird in the role of Judge


Last Wednesday saw the Club hosting a Members’ Interactive Evening – “Let Me Be The Judge Of That”. The object of the evening was to give members a chance to play photographic judge by examining each other’s images, giving a critique, and then awarding points. The audience was then invited to comment on the “judges” appraisal. As you can imagine the views were pretty diverse, everybody having a separate opinion as to what makes a good photograph. Some members adapted to this role better than others but the overall result led to a highly informative and enjoyable evening.

One of the lessons that was hammered home to everyone was the vast difference between what the judge sees close up, and what the audience sees from a distance. Distance can make a photograph look better or worse, whilst close up there is no hiding place for mistakes. Another point that became apparent, at least for me, was that judging a photograph technically was very much easier that judging it empathetically. It is my belief that the second point is what makes a good judge.

The best judge of a photograph is the photographer him/herself. If the photographer is happy then there is no more to be said. If you decide to enter your photograph into a competition, however, you are effectively saying please judge this image against others and make a comment. We may not always like what we hear. I for one will try to be a bit more understanding of photographic judges from here on.

Mike Hughes (right) being presented with the Beaton Cup (Club Class) by Print Competitions Secretary, Patrick Balfour (left)


“Churchyard Artist” by Mike Hughes – Winner Club Class – Print Competition Round 2 – “Within The Churchyard”


The Club was very pleased to present Mike Hughes with the Beaton Cup (Club Class) for his winning image “Churchyard Artist” in the 2nd Round of the Print League – “Within the Churchyard”.  If you remember Mike was in Australia and not available for a photograph or to accept his cup on the night.

Our next competition is a print panels competition – “The Len Clarke Memorial Trophy” with an open theme. This will be held on Wednesday, 28th February. The Judge will be Tim West FRPS.

Article and Photographs by Richard Corkrey. – 16/02/2018




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Competition: Print – Round 2 – “Within the Churchyard” – The Beaton Cup – Judge: Rob de Ruiter ARPS

Wednesday 31/01/2018


“Churchyard Artist” by Mike Hughes – Winner Club Class

“Requiescat In Pace” by Richard Corkrey – Winner – Advanced Class


Last night we held the second round of our Print Competitions. The theme was “Within the Churchyard”. The judge was Rob de Ruiter ARPS. There were 19 entries in the Club Class and 30 entries in the Advanced Class.

Most of the entries were of graves and memorials with a few taken inside of churches. These were mostly in the Advanced Class.

The results were:

“Club Class”
1st – “Churchyard Artist” by Mike Hughes
2nd – “The Path to Eternity” by Mike Hughes
3rd – “Lichen Lives On” by
Ann Wright

“Advanced Class”
1st – “Requiescat in Pace” by Richard Corkrey
2nd – “St Nicholas Churchyard, Bromham, Wiltshire” by Clive Blott
3rd – “The Vicar” by Patrick Balfour

Chairman Peter Jones “PJ” (left) and Judge Rob de Ruiter (rightt) with Mike Hughes’s winning image in the Club Class “Churchyard Artist”

Richard Corkrey (left) and Judge Rob de Ruiter (right) with Richard’s winning image in the Advanced Class “Requiescat in Pace”

Unfortunately Mike Hughes was still in Australia and not available for a photograph or to accept his cup.

Our next competition is a print panels competition – “The Len Clarke Memorial Trophy” with an open theme. This will be held on Wednesday, 28th February. The Judge will be Tim West FRPS.


Article by Richard Corkrey. Photographs by Richard Corkrey and Elke Epp – 01/02/2018




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Speaker Night – Alan Brindle

Wednesday 17/01/2018



Brindle’s Magic Lantern Show


A completely different speaker with a completely different approach. That is the best way to describe Alan Brindle. I had never seen a magic lantern show until last night. I have been present at enumerable slide shows (who hasn’t?), but this was different. Alan has an immense amount of knowledge of this subject, not to mention a vast, growing collection of slides. For a few hours last night we were transported back to the “golden age” of slide art, and slide photography.

The Magic Lantern is the forerunner of the modern slide projector. It has a long and complicated history and.  No one knows for sure who invented the Magic Lantern. It is part of the marvellous world of optical projection and stands alongside the Camera Obscura, Shadow Shows and the Magic Mirror. Like them the Magic Lantern has been used to educate, entertain and mystify audiences for hundreds of years. In the hands of a consummate show person a Magic Lantern can produce huge, brightly coloured, wonderfully animated entertainments.


Alan’s talk and demonstration took us through early chocolate adverts, stories, wildlife, and many travel slides. Alan’s lantern was made in the 1880’s, however he has replaced the acetylene burner lamp with a modern LED array. His collection of slides is vast and it is amazing how long some of them have lasted. The time involved in hand tinting individual slides would have been quite long.

If you are looking for a speaker evening with a difference I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alan Brindle and his Magic Lantern. A thoroughly enjoyable evening all round.


Alan Brindle is a member of The Magic Lantern Society and can be booked from that site.

The Magic Lantern Society’s website is at www.magiclantern.org.uk/index.php

Article and Photographs by Richard Corkrey – 18/01/2018

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