Annual Exhibition – 2017

Annual Photographic Exhibition – 2017

Saturday and Sunday 12-13/08/2017

View from the Stage

It was a lovely weekend that heralded our two day 2017 Exhibition and by the time of the official opening visitors had already started to roll up. This was not an overly large Exhibition, but the quality of the images more than made up for the lack of entries.

Guy at the Front Desk

There was a nice steady flow of visitors over the weekend. This year there was a lot more space around the ticket desk and tombola table, so visitors could spend more time paying their £1.00 entrance fee and enquiring about the images, Club’s activities, and purchasing tombola tickets. One lucky lady bought 5 tickets and won a top prize plus a bottle of whisky. Now that’s luck!

With so many varied prints to look at visitors spend a good amount of time in the hall both viewing the prints and sitting down to enjoy a cuppa and watch the Projected images on the two large HD screens. All the exhibits were excellent and a lot of them were outstanding. It must be said that Midhurst Camera Club attracts many superb photographers, working both in black and white, and in colour.

The images covered a variety of subjects, from a rainy beach scene to a surrealist bicycle, from a foggy woodland to flower close-ups, and from simple street scenes to composited photographic art. Visitors were encouraged to vote for their favourite image with voting slips and ballot box.

Viewing the PDI’s

We spoke to Chairman, Peter Jones (PJ) who told us “This Exhibition is one of a whole string of exhibitions that we’ve held over the years, but it’s our first year here in the Memorial Hall, Midhurst and it suits our Exhibition absolutely perfectly. The lighting is wonderful. The Club has over 40 members ranging from professional to people who’ve only picked up a camera for the first time fairly recently. We have whole range of photographers with different interests and skills, and the Exhibition reflects that”. The general view of most of the visitors we spoke to was very favourable. The general position of the Hall within the town was also another plus point. In previous years the Exhibition had been held less centrally in a much smaller hall.

Visitors viewing the prints

On Sunday once again the first visitors arrived before 10am. There was a nice steady flow that got busier in the afternoon. The atmosphere was very pleasant and many visitors stayed for a long time, enjoying the ambience, not to mention the many excellent cakes that had been provided by some of the members.

A large selection of Photographic Digital Images were shown constantly on two large HD screens and could be enjoyed whilst having tea and coffee.

Visitors from Ludshott Camera Club came down especially for the Exhibition. Ludshott Camera Club does not yet have its own exhibition. We will be visiting them in the near future for an InterClub friendly competition.

This year’s President’s choice for “Image of the Year” was: The Great British Summer by Shirley Blott.

Shirley Blott

“The Great British Summer”

This is such a marvellous image, encapsulating what makes a really great photograph.

Many of the exhibits that failed to secure a top place were of exceptional merit and the choice was not an easy one.

The result of the Public Ballot was as follows:

1st Place:   Salvador Dali’s Bicycle – Michele Facer
Joint 2nd Place:  Stronger Together – Michele Facer
Joint 2nd Place:  When Red Light Shows, Wait Here – Peter Jones
Joint 2nd Place:  Sunrise at Stedham – Richard Corkrey

“Salvador Dali’s Bicycle”

All the votes cast in this year’s Public Ballot can be viewed under the Members’ Area.

There was a special discount of £5.00 off the standard rate for new members joining at the Exhibition. This proved very successful, with 7 or 8 new members signing up over the weekend.

At 4pm we still had many visitors so we stayed open an extra 20 minutes before starting the breakdown. With so many helpers this was quickly done and we could all enjoy getting home at a reasonable hour. Many thanks to Patrick and the team for all the effort that went into making this a truly memorable weekend.

Article by Elke Epp and Richard Corkrey – 14/08/2017
Photographs by Elke Epp, Peter Jones, and Richard Corkrey

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