Annual Exhibition 2017 – Setup

Annual Photographic Exhibition – 2017

Friday 11/08/2017

Pinning the Exhibition entries to the boards

Welcome to the Club’s new Blog and we’re kicking off by covering this year’s Annual Photographic Exhibition – 12th and 13th, August in Midhurst.

Final preparations in the Memorial Hall, next to the South Downs Centre this afternoon. The Exhibition Organiser and a large number of Committee members and Club members gathered together to install the display boards, put up labels for each photograph and prepare the PDI slide show. We are pampered with two HD screens this year.

Patrick Balfour – Exhibition Organiser

As stated we are using the Memorial Hall next to the South Downs Centre this year. A new venue for us. Patrick was very relieved as there were concerns that there would not be room for all the entries. There was and what’s more we did everything in record time. Just under two hours.

There is room for tables and chairs were the visitors can sit down while watching the slide show enjoying a hot drink and cake & biscuits.

Sue and Guy – Taking a well earned break.

Well done to all who helped putting in many hours in planning and preparation getting everything ready. This looks to be the biggest and best exhibition Midhurst Camera Club have put together, which is very fitting for the 40th anniversary. Now we are ready to roll.

Article by Elke Epp and Richard Corkrey – 11/08/2017

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