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Midhurst Camera Club is run by a committee that is elected each year at our AGM.

Our current Committee Members are (click on the e-mail link to send a message):

Hilly Hoar

Hilly is one of the Clubs's most experienced photographers. She is a natural for this role. She also has a wealth of knowledge about photography.

Peter Jones (PJ)

'PJ' is the beating heart of the Club. He usually runs the evenings (He has the loudest voice), and is a born organiser. Always our first port of call for any queries.

Angela Wright

Angela is responsible for the Club's administration and dealings with the outside world. She also handles our relationships with other Photographic Organisations

Rob Sadler

Rob keeps his hands on the purse strings and makes sure we live within our means. He is also an excellent photographer specialising in Portraiture.

Patrick Balfour
Print Competition Secretary

Patrick organises our Print Competitions and ensures the Competitions run smoothly. He is also responsible for the Annual Exhibition.

Colin Joe Bird
PDI Competition Secretary

Joe does the same as Patrick with our Projected Digital Image (PDI) Competitions. Using technical wizardry he ensures everything comes out in the right order.

Elke Epp LRPS
Programme Secretary

Elke books the Speakers, and Judges and is responsible for our programme. She also looks after all Social Media and the blog. Elke also provides the artwork for our advertising.

Richard Corkrey ARPS
Practical Evenings Coordinator and Webmaster

Richard looks after the Practical Evenings and Workshops and caters to the Club's Technical needs. He also runs the Website.

Shirley Blott
Membership Secretary

Shirley is responsible for looking after the Membership and the E-Mail list and will assist with any queries you may have about joining the Club.

Mike Hughes
Publicity Secretary

Mike is responsible for all our off-line publicity and communications with the local media. Please contact Mike if you would be willing to advertise our Club.


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